The “Worlds of sound” concept

Your home is as individual as you are! Every room has its own unique purpose and is defined by its size, lighting, colour and acoustic qualities. Every room is its own world.

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At the centre of it all is one person

Our “worlds of sound” concept starts by looking at the challenges within different environments – be that multiroom, waterproof remote control or wellness functions. Further, the wide range of colour options means that each of our music systems slots seamlessly into your personal furnishing style.

Our music systems are developed with the needs of the user in mind and bring together all the qualities to be expected from a functional sound system. To achieve this we create made-to-measure, individual room solutions based on the latest research, German engineering, design expertise and passion. Each detail reflects our goal to optimise user comfort and keep things simple. We take great care to make sure that every button is in the right place, has the perfect size, the right resistance and makes the most pleasing click sound when you press it. Nothing is left to chance and so we are able to ensure a difference between just fine and exceptional.

“At the centre of it all is one person” is the leitmotif of sonoro. Everything we do and each music system we create follows this credo. Only in this way can our developers and engineers develop timeless classics that make a statement and are not only produced to fulfil the highest standards in terms of sound quality and user comfort, but also respect the unique personality of your home.

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The CEO’s Vision

Marcell Faller
(CEO & Founder, sonoro audio GmbH)

“To fascinate and inspire: for us that means not only giving you the best possible sound, but also enriching your quality of life. We do this with our “worlds of sound” – user-friendly ways of experiencing a whole variety of sound in the different rooms in your home, making life that much easier. And to ensure that you have long-lasting pleasure from your sonoro music system, our designers and developers aim to make the technology as easy to use as possible. We don’t want you tearing your hair out over the instruction manual, we want sonoro to make you happy. That’s what drives us.”

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