CD 2

360° sound

No matter where you are in the room: our 360° loudspeaker technology evenly distributes the sound within the room, so you can hear the sound equally well wherever you are.



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Sophisticated piano finish. Striking functional design.
Thanks to state-of-the-art functions such as FM / DAB+ digital radio, USB port, CD player, AUX-IN, our CD 2 offers everything you need to simply enjoy your music. The pre-installed relaxation and meditation exercises have been specifically composed to calm and destress body and mind. They can help you calm down, promote more restful sleep and enhance overall wellbeing.

During the day, when there is more light, the display switches to a high contrast setting – at night it automatically dims to a reduced brightness. Your CD 2 uses the LIGHT dimmer module to wake you up – a simulated sunrise that naturally helps regulate your sleeping and waking phases. Start the day well-rested and full of energy!

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  • “Sonoro CD 2 ist ein Wellness-Profi, der die Beleuchtung im Zimmer automatisch regeln und dimmen kann und Zuhörer mit verschiedenen Entspannungsprogrammen vom Stress des Alltags befreit. […] Er ist kompakt, bietet guten, vollen und klaren Klang und spielt Musik aus verschiedenen Quellen ab.”

    N-TV (2016)

  • “Das Design ist elegant, die Verarbeitung makellos und auch in Sachen Materialwahl haben die Rheinländer ganze Arbeit geleistet. Darüber hinaus liegt die Klangqualität deutlich über dem Niveau, das man bei einem solch kompakten Gerät vermuten würde.”

    Lite Magazin (2016)

World of sound

Our “worlds of sound” concept starts by looking at the challenges within different environments – be that multiroom, waterproof remote control or wellness functions. Further, the wide range of colour options means that each of our music systems slots seamlessly into your personal furnishing style.

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